Who We Are

The Masonry Industry Promotion Group was established in 1972 and is supported by Union signatory mason contractors through a labor management contract with the bricklayers and laborers union and contractors. These groups recognized the vital need to invest in the future of the industry by taking an active role in promoting masonry.

Support for the Masonry Industry

  • The MIPG monitors national and state building codes and is a member of the Masonry Alliance for Codes and Standards whose purpose is to favorably influence codes in order to keep masonry competitive. Changes in structural, energy, and fire codes can have serious effects on the industry.
  • We fund research and testing to improve materials and construction techniques. We distribute technical literature and answer technical and construction-related questions.
  • Our sponsorship of a pre-apprenticeship class helps improve the quantity and quality of young people coming into the trade.
  • We represent the industry in several allied organizations working to promote masonry.


  • Our educational services to design professionals keep masonry in the forefront of options. We sponsor meetings, seminars, symposiums, and provide technical assistance.
  • Support for Engineering and Architectural education is an important investment in the future of the industry. Students and professors benefit from exposure to the latest inform
  • ation in the industry. Design competitions, fellowships, scholarships, and seminars all bring masonry closer to the young people who will design the projects of the future.
  • Masonry contractors benefit from educational seminars to keep informed of the latest materials and techniques.


Awards recognizing excellence in masonry design, masonry calendars, and community service projects are just a few of the ways in which the MIPG keeps masonry in the public eye.

Our "Masonry" newsletter focuses on the design community by highlighting successful masonry projects, technical and other masonry newsworthy information.

We promote industry standards stressing quality materials and workmanship.

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